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Join the Flatcap club for the latest news, offers and events happening across all of our locations.

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The Moneypenny Suite

Perfect for Civil Ceremonies, drinks receptions (it has a vintage portable bar) and more intimate weddings for up to 60 people; its large windows and quirky feel make it perfect for more informal homely gatherings.

Our Wedding Packages

  • Our dedicated Wedding Team to assist you in planning your special day
  • Venue room hire for the daytime wedding breakfast and evening buffet reception*
  • Complimentary Executive room and breakfast for the happy couple**
  • Guaranteed accommodation rates for your wedding guests
  • A member of our experienced Courthouse team to be your toastmaster
  • Wedding breakfast meal tasting for two
  • Meeting with our Executive Chef to create your special menu***
  • Personalised Courthouse menus for your tables
  • White linen tablecloths and napkins
  • Cake stand and knife
  • Complimentary First Anniversary stay for the happy couple***

*Dependent on minimum numbers catered for your daytime menu and evening buffet. Minimum numbers are dependent on your chosen event space and the day/date of your wedding – ask the Courthouse for details. For Barristers restaurant, exclusive use charges apply.  ** For bookings which include a daytime wedding and evening reception. *** Must be pre-arranged and is subject to availability.

Request a Brochure

Staff were amazingly friendly & welcoming and all the food immaculately presented

Cheshire Life

The jury is in – foodies are in for a treat!

Warrington Guardian