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Join the Flatcap club for the latest news, offers and events happening across all of our locations.

*By entering your email address you agree to receive further communication from The Courthouse

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The Courtroom

Former Court no.1 has been converted with its ornate ceiling to host up to 220 guests for a conference.

The grandeur style and large space provides a the perfect setting for a corporate conference with fantastic acoustics and the ability to use the room in various setups

The Moneypenny Suite

Named after the architect of The Courthouse, the room can host up to 60 guests for smaller functions, meetings and events as well as private dining.

The room connects into the Court Room and is a very flexible space which can be used for Breakfast, Tea & Coffee and Lunch breaks throughout the conference.

Request a Brochure

I would one hundred percent recommend! 5 stars

VIVA Manchester

Beautiful & engagingly elegant space

Fashion Du Jour