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Join the Flatcap club for the latest news, offers and events happening across all of our locations.

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Events at the Courthouse

Here at the Courthouse our priority is to make your celebration a stress-free success; be it a fabulous birthday party, christening/naming ceremony, charity ball or a simple gathering of friends and family; we’re here to ensure your event is memorable for the right reasons.

Located in the heart of Knutsford, our historic former Court Rooms can all be uniquely tailored to suit your event needs. With a combination of grand and intimate settings, we can cover all bases. With the help of our dedicated events team, first class menus and experienced mixologists; we can bring your event to life!

Socialising & Private Dining

The Moneypenny Suite

If you are looking for a more intimate private area then our Moneypenny Suite is perfect for you. With its own vintage bar, holding around 80 people for a buffet and/or drinks; or alternatively 60 persons for a sit-down meal.

The Courtroom

Private entrance steps take you into this grand and elegant room which boasts many original features along with its own large private bar (which was once the jury dock), and private dining for up to 220 people.  

Barristers Restaurant

Why not have exclusive use of Barristers Restaurant & Bar? With a tiered private dining capacity of 60 people, a central bar and several areas for performers; this space makes the perfect backdrop for an elegant gathering or celebration.

Impressive ambience, impeccable service

VADA Magazine

Can’t decide if the afternoon tea or the venue is cuter

Loaf & Pebble